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The organization provides multiple and multi-level medical assistance to the under-privileged in the Philippines, especially the children in the rural areas, urban-poor communities, members of ethnic minorities and children from the other marginalized sectors of Philippine society.


Seven Sails Foundation conducts regular medical/dental missions that include check-ups, basic pharmaceutical distribution, circumcision, vaccinations, and initial community clinic development. In addition to these services, Seven Sails also gives proper health education to the barrios. Our Community Development Program focuses on the development of hygiene centers, community toilets and wash areas to the barrios with minimal or zero water source. Seven Sails likewisehands special medical assistance to children who are in grave need of surgery, chemo therapy and other expensive procedures.






The Seven Sails Foundation believes that education is the key factor in liberating future generations from poverty. It is a mitigating factor in keeping children safe and away from criminality and lawlessness. The foundation makes sure that the children go to school with proper assistance.


One of Seven Sails Foundation’s many programs is the, “TAKE THE CHILD TO SCHOOL.” This is a scholarship grant and financial assistance system for elementary and high school students all over the country. The goal of this program is to motivate and ensure each child’s enthusiasm to learn by alleviating their parents’ burden of paying school fees, materials and books.


Often times, the lack of financial support to children compel them to walk away from school and instead engage in child labor or even criminal activities in some parts of the country. Seven Sails envisions to take these children’s hands and walk them to school and ensure that they stay in school.






Other than health and education, Seven Sails aims to provide attention to the welfare and well-being of Filipino children specially those under nine (9) years of age. Seven Sails Foundation goes around the country and builds community/school play grounds. It also establishes feeding centers in various depressed areas to ensure that children, more so the infants, get the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy.

Seven Sails Foundation endeavors to keep children off the streets and encourage them to stay in school. But the job does not stop there, we must make sure that the children are given a better alternative to staying in the streets. The foundation wants to go the extra mile in keeping a safe environment for these children.






The Seven Sails Foundation provides multiple aspects of support to women in the rural and urban communities by providing health services, basic maternal education and empowerment through community-based livelihood programs for non-working mothers. These cooperative-type programs are focused on empowering women which enable them to be an integral part of their respective communities and allow them to better rear and facilitate their children’s development.


Seven Sails also gives special attention to victims of domestic violence by providing medical, psychological, and legal assistance. The foundation is affiliated with several community-based and church-based organizations which give special care to children and women who have been victims of violence.






The foundation exerts great effort in ensuring the future of the Filipino youth especially those who have less in life.


Seven Sails Foundation wants to encourage the young Filipinos to get involved in the community and become important elements in positively influencing other youth specifically those who have been through violence, abuse and neglect.


Aside from the assistance the foundation gives for their basic education, it provides additional enhancing skills and capabilities by opening youth training programs in several barrios all over the Philippines. This way, high school students can already enhance their skills in computer technology, crafts, trades and other activities that could someday add as their supplemental income. Likewise, youth development programs limit or eliminate the possibility of young getting involved in drugs and criminality.


The foundation continuously endeavors to keep the children off the streets and ope the doors for a better future by providing them the proper environment, the necessary support and the skills they need in the future.






Since all the efforts in helping these children boil down to the type of community they belong to, the Seven Sails Foundation is at the forefront of community development-- building and sustaining day care centers, health centers, potable water supply pumps (deep-well pumps) and water tanks, public toilets and washing areas;Ensuring that each adopted community will be decent, conducive and functional.






While environmental protection and preservation are the main thrusts of local and international environment groups, the Seven Sails Foundation made it a point to include this aspect in its general function as a non-profit organization.


Building a stronger knowledge and making doable plans of action for environmental protection while building stronger communities are the most effective ways in making sure the future generations have a decent, clean, peaceful and hopeful world awaiting them.


Seven Sails Foundation together with other organizations, conduct coastal clean ups, tree-planting, watershed preservation, sea-turtle conservation area adoption/support, and periodic seminars on basic environmental care, acceptable waste disposal education and information campaign to ensure that members of the communities can respond well to the international call to protect Mother Earth.

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