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Feeding Program


Since 2006, Seven Sails founder and Chairman Ms. Rose B. Baldeo has been sponsoring feeding programs for children. This is her personal effort to supplement the lack of nutrition of under privileged children in the Philippines.


In the 2013 national nutrition survey of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FRNI), data gathered revealed that malnutrition among Filipino children is still prevalent. The study's findings, shared with the public recently, categorized children based on age, namely: 0 to 5 years old and 5 to 10 years old.


Results showed that 15.9% or two out of 10 children from 0 to 47 months old were born with low birth weight or were less than 5.5 lbs.


The results also showed that 20.2% of children in this category were underweight, while 33.6% were stunted or had lower heights for their age. 7.3% of the children suffered from acute malnutrition.


In the 5 to 10 years old category, results were much higher. 32% of children in this category were underweight while 33.6% had low heights for their age. The percentage of children suffering acute malnutrition was 8.5%.


Amidst her busy schedule, Ms. Baldeo finds time to look after these kids and make sure that a proper augmentation of the necessary vitamins and minerals are provided for them.


This is the thrust and goal of the Seven Sails Foundation; to continue what Ms. Baldeo has started in 2006 but with a dream that the number of children-beneficiaries would increase and the areas covered by the feeding programs would multiply. More healthy children would mean a more secured future.



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For interested sponsors of the Seven Sails Nationwide Feeding Programs, please click the link below:

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