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Transparency Reports

Financial  Accountability and Transparency


At Seven Sails Foundation, we believe that stewardship is the key element in every plan of action and program we conduct in the barrios and in other depressed suburban communities. We clearly understand that each dollar or peso entrusted to us is transformed into a glimmer of hope for the hundreds of thousands Filipino children who were either born in a not so ideal environment or in pain and suffering the consequences of being born in the slums and in the depressed regions of this country. That is why funds are transparently handled, optimized and maximized to ensure that every dollar or peso we receive goes a long way in helping the poor, the helpless and the sick.


We strive to keep overhead expenses to the minimum so that more than 80% of all donations are spent on sustainable programs for the poor, the children, the youth, the women and the environment.


All benefactors and funding agencies are provided with well-documented annual financial and project reports as well as direct correspondence with supported children and supported communities. We encourage international sponsors to come and visit the children and the communities we serve. This way, all sponsors and funding agencies may see for themselves how much and how far their support has reached in terms of aid and assistance.


Seven Sails Foundation’s integrity and transparency have earned numerous supports from religious and non-religious-based organizations as well as the cooperation of the various Chambers of Commerce in the region.

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