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With the on-going impact of the Covid-19 virus such as labor displacement, increase in poverty rate, food insecurity and malnutrition, the Seven Sails Foundation set up a Community Pantry for some 400 plus workers in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

This community pantry is aimed to augment the weekly nutritional needs of workers and their families during these difficult times.

Fresh vegetables, root crops, noodles and rice are the common contents of the community pantry. The Pantry is open every Friday afternoon and the supplies being given to the 400 plus workers are estimated to last a week or at least supplement their existing weekly food supply.

Running on its fourth week, this Community Pantry is Global’s way of giving back to the community and ensuring that proper nutrition is still met during the Covid-19 Crisis.


Last January 15, 2020, the Seven Sails Foundation went on a relief mission to Bauan, Batangas to distribute bottled water, assorted relief bags (containing rice, noodles, canned goods and biscuits), cough and cold medicine, anti-allergy medicine, face-masks, assorted clothes, blankets, mattresses and towels to the evacuees of the Taal Volcano Eruption. Over 1,500 families who are currently seeking refuge from the massive volcanic ash benefited from this humanitarian mission.

At the time of the relief operations, the evacuees are dire need of food, water, medicine and face-masks to protect themselves from the ash fall of the volcano.

Bauan, Batangas is one of the designated evacuation area south of the 40 kilometer “Danger Zone” imposed by the National Government. Residents of Taal and nearby barrios have been evacuated as early as January 12, 2020 after a major eruption occurred on Taal Volcano.


Last July 10, 2017 – the Seven Sails Foundation conducted an outreach program to the small community in Sampaloc Cove in San Antonio Zambales. Over 30 families and 100 children joined the feeding program and gift-giving project.

Sampaloc Cove is a small coastal community with over 30 Aeta families. The small barrio is in dire need of potable water supply, basic sanitation and electricity. Basic food supplies sources is about 40 kilometers away on foot and across the hills of San Antonio, Zambales or 45 minutes away by boat from its coastal side.

The Seven Sails Foundation intends to adopt this community and provide a sustainable potable water source, public baths and wash areas and by conducting a regular feeding and gift giving programs including alternative livelihood to the mothers.


The Seven Sails Foundation of the Global Group of Companies Consortium, Incorporated conducted an emergency relief operations for the 300 plus families of Barrio Bayto, Santa Cruz Zambales after 10 to 15 feet of flood water and mud engulfed the area yesterday evening (October 21, 2015).

Bayto Santa Cruz, Zambales is located 75 kilometres from the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) and was badly hit by monsoon rains yesterday evening. The torrential down pour lasted for 7 to 8 hours which caused rivers and creeks to overflow.

According to residents, the catch basin for the ongoing open pit mining projects in the highlands of Sta. Cruz was the major contributor of the flooding since the muddy water of light brown color is similar to the mining residue found around the mining areas in the mountains.

The Seven Sails Foundation gave relief bags to the local residents. These bags contain rice, canned goods, instant soup, water and bread which will last the victims for 2 to 3 days until actual help from the local and provincial government reaches the affected area.

Bringing Aid to Leyte


Last June 5, 2014 the Seven Sails Foundation went to the Province of Leyte in the Western Visayan Region of the Philippines for the third wave of giving aid and assistance to the victims of Typhoon “Yolanda” (International Name: “Haiyan”).


A week after the super typhoon hit the said region, we sent over 2,000 packs of relief goods as immediate response to the victims in Tacloban and in December 2013 or month after the typhoon, we held a gift giving project for the  children of Barrio San Roque in Tanauan Leyte. More than 1,000 gift bags were distributed to children of different ages and these bags are actually school bags which contained assorted food items, new clothes, new toys and new foot wear. The idea is to make the children happy during the yuletide season. These children have suffered so much already and we know that if we could make them smile and if we could make them feel that it’s Christmas. It could mean the whole world for them, but more importantly; it could mean hope especially for those who lost both their mothers and fathers.


Then again in June, we struggled to return Leyte to give assistance once more but this time, the Seven Sails Foundation focused on the immediate infrastructural needs of the barrios which were badly hit by the storm surge which engulfed the whole province.


We returned to Barrio San Roque in Tanauan Leyte to help rebuild a chapel which was destroyed by the surging water from the ocean.


The Seven Sails foundation also helped in rebuilding a classroom building in Barrio Guindag-an also in Tanauan. The Seven Sails provided all the necessary building materials while volunteer parents took turns and shifts to complete the building for their children. After the typhoon, the school children of Guindag-an Elementary School attended classes under make shift tents, under the shades of tress and even inside dilapidated rooms without any roof over their heads. The Seven Sails Foundation together with its partner-organizations and with the help of the volunteers was able to provide to the children a safe, decent and suitable environment for learning.


Also, in another barrio in Tanauan Leyte, the Seven Sails Foundation responded to the cry for help by three orphaned children to have their house rebuilt and to have some financial assistance. This is the tragic story of the three Cornejo siblings who lost both their parents when their house was swept away by more than 25 feet of raging water in Barrio Solano during the storm surge of typhoon Haiyan. We came to their aid by supplying them with the necessary building materials for their new house and by giving them financial assistance so that they may have something to start with, especially because their youngest is only 9 years old and would still need all the support that his elder sisters could give.